Tablet Dedusters

The comprehensive Krämer line of special equipment for solid dose production has evolved over the past 20 years from the design and production of an automatic tablet dedusting system. Products here are typically the result of in-house developments and are patented. Our awareness of the customers’ problems and the careful analysis we perform are at the heart of this activity; just what it takes to become the world’s number one in the field. However rank has its obligations, and we duly intend to live up to the pharmaceutical industry’s confidence and expectations by remaining focused on precision and creativity.

The pharmaceutical industry is commending our electronic controllers in particular. They monitor and control process sequences in complex tablet and capsule production lines. And just like the machines they control, the electrical components and electronic circuitry are not only developed, but also built by Krämer. They control tablet dedusting and deburring machines, air cleaners, conveyors, diverters and container filling devices – in the many steps of solid dose production where Krämer devices are involved.